Degree show display

Design Briefs for all projects set in the last year of the degree course printed out on banners for visitors to have an understanding of what the briefs are on viewing the outcomes displayed of various students approach.

Post cards displaying every students details and one of their designs they are proud of, this were put out for people to take with them on visiting the show in a little carrier bag provided. Image prints facing upwards and arranged alphabetically clearly showing the initial letters of students first name to help visitors easily navigate.

Above is a stand display that shows all students design work that are their best in the show.

Students print designs, 3D artwork and various other designs were displayed on the wood frame stands, light boxes and furnished wheel tables created by my collegues and I.

Other students in the background making sure things go right during the show. As our works are our little treasures, we dislike to see it mishandled in any way. It was rotated daily between different group of students to watch the displayed work

2009 Projects Soo Far

Live projects, University projects over the last two years till present.