Civil Branding Tags - (Live Project) For Sports Brands

Civil Branding Tags In The Making from OlaJide kareem on Vimeo.

Above is an overview of 101 image research I have paid attention to of places, books, locations,web sites and decisions, to create a direction for my Live project Dissertation. I am doing this project with the hope to try it out with one of the Sports brand company. I have had discussions with 2 in particular (Nike & Adidas) so far and would be commencing with a documentation of each critical stage process. Next I redefine the brief eliminating any sense of unrealistic set goals and work towards the Pitch this friday to the UAL graphic practitioners. A very helpful famous practitioner Peter Anderson would be my mentor for this project. I would feed back on a regular basis on my progress.

My Quote for the day is "It is not necessary one follows their heart, it is more important that our decisions are based on practical exploring's" by Dhikru Abdul-Kareem.

Volkswagen And Piano Stairs.

This is a very good example of what "harnessing communication" through a brand should entail. Although the brand in this situation Volkswagen does not exactly advertise to tell a story but shows how altering or modifying